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The only crowd translation platform in the world with an ISO certification.

We’re changing the translation industry. How?

You can follow the translation live

You can stay on top of your translations and provide feedback to the translator via Skype or email. You only pay for the words that have been translated. You can pay in installments so you don’t run any risk.

Power to the translator

This platform breaks down the translation agency’s business model. There is better collaboration between translators. Good translators earn more at FairLingo than at an agency. Language enthusiasts all over the world are invited to join. Happy translators means happy customers.

Excellent human translations through a unique idea and algorithm

The quality of your translations is safeguarded thanks to a unique method of quality control, as well as collaboration between translators. Translators are only paid for quality translations. A second, independent translator is paid to improve the translation. The algorithm makes the entire process clear for all parties.

Developed by a leading translation agency

Fairlingo was developed by Translation Agency Perfect. We were recently one of the fastest growing tech companies in the Netherlands.


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We make foreign markets accessible for the following companies.

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Feedback Company
Klanten beoordelen Fairlingo op basis van 35 beoordelingen gemiddeld met het cijfer 9.4/10 Bekijk hier al onze 43 beoordelingen op FeedbackCompany.


Often we have texts which need revision or translation. Fairlingo is fast, easy-to-use and affordable. Absolutely perfect for us.

Jurgen Bosch