Faster Delivery Times

40% faster delivery time with the use of translation technology.

As the text is initially translated using a machine translation, delivery times are 40% shorter than with a normal translation. Translating takes up most of the time with normal translation. Following which, the translation is revised by us. Post-edit means that translation takes almost no time. The delivery time consists of checking and improving the translation (editing). This is done at a rate of 5,000 words per assignment per day. Delivery time for post-edit translations is therefore considerably shorter.

High consistency and quality

By using machine learning as part of neural networks.

We use the best, proven translation technology and have further developed this within our own platform. By combining experienced native-speaker translators and the most modern translation technology, we achieve high consistency and quality. The best of both worlds comes together in this translation service.

More economical

The lowest-cost translation service in the Netherlands, with an excellent price-quality ratio.

With normal translation, translating accounts for around 80% of the total cost, and revision the remaining 20%. Although the revision costs in post-edit translation are somewhat higher, the translation costs are considerably lower, thanks to translation machines. You pay just €0.04 per word. You also qualify for a discount of €0.01 per word for the first translation. With post-edit translation, therefore, you benefit from a total cost saving of around 40%, compared to normal translation.


Quick no-obligations quote

Would you like a general or slightly specialist text to be translated? Upload the file to be translated to our site quickly and easily. Accepted file formats are .docx, .txt, .xlsx, .csv, .po, .xliff or WordPress .xml. You will receive a quote within 30 seconds, based on the number of words, with a fixed price and delivery time. Is the price right? Download the document, or confirm the quote immediately online. Once we have received payment, the post-edit translation will start immediately.

Get your quote within 30 seconds


Immediate translation

The text is translated immediately using advanced translation technology. Post-edit translation takes considerably less time than a traditional translation, because a translation machine does the work. The translated text then only needs revising by an experienced native speaker..


A native speaker does the revision

Once the translation machine has done the translation, a native speaker starts revising the text. You can follow the translation status via your personal account. Thanks to the combination of advanced translation technology and experienced revisers, you soon have a quality, consistent translation.


Get the translation

Once the translation is ready, you will receive the translated file (in the same format as the file supplied) with the invoice in your inbox. You can also download it from your Fairlingo account.

Meet our native revisors, specialising in post-edit translation


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Giovanni Piesco
Italian translator
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Nina Turk
English translator
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Paul Davoine
French translator
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Irene Paulmer-Boutista
Spanish translator

How do we monitor post-edit translation quality?

At Fairlingo we ensure that your translation is always of the highest quality. We use the most advanced translation technology for our post-edit translations, including DeepL, IBM Watson and memoQ. All our post-edit translations also comply with the ISO 9001 certification, an internationally recognised standard in the field of quality management. Once the text has been translated by the translation machine, a strict quality inspection is carried out by a native speaker. Are you still not completely satisfied? All our translations come with a 30-day guarantee. If you have any feedback or recommendations, we will modify the translation for you free of charge within this period.

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Which file formats are supported by Fairlingo?

You always receive the translated file in the same file format you uploaded.


.xml export files from WordPress can be uploaded directly to our system.


.docx is the document extension most used by word processors such as Microsoft Word.


.txt files are documents with plain text which can be opened with standard word processors.


.csv and .xls files can be translated with Fairlingo, the layout and format will be preserved. Ideal for the translation of files that you would like to quickly re-import.


.po files are used by content management systems to recognize translations.

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can be simpler and more
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