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ISO certified website translations by native speakers. Native speakers understand a translation's impact of the conversion and usability of your website or software. A strong website translation positively influences your digital visibility and findability.

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Translation in various file formats

We offer an efficient translation solution for various file formats. Fairlingo can process and translate .docx, txt, xlsx, .csv, .po, .xliff or WordPress .xml files. You can upload these file formats and download the translation in the same file format.

With this method, you no longer lose time with the implementation of your translated texts. Moreover, our system allows for a simple word count estimation for your website or online store. Additional translations can be conducted by the same translator or you can choose to work with a new translator.

How it works

Increase your reach and conversion

How can you ensure the success of your international website? A strong SEO is essential for long-term success. In the start-up phase, you will need to invest more focus on the establishment of Bing Ads/AdWords advertisements or email marketing.

While strengthening your SEO positions, you can optimize the paid advertisements and most likely reduce them somewhat. Strong international search engine optimization starts with a strong translation by a native speaker.

SEO translations

Delivery term & payment method

Our translators process 1250 words daily. It is also possible to have more words translated per day. Contact our project managers via info@fairlingo.com to discuss the possibilities. You can easily top up your translation credits via your Fairlingo account using iDeal, bank transfer or PayPal.

Payment per invoice is also possible, upon agreement. The translated file can be downloaded easily from your Fairlingo account. We will inform you per email upon completion of your website translation.

More about delivery term & payment method

Drupal website translation starting at €0.07 per word

Drupal has been the trusted choice for robust corporate websites for many years. Just as WordPress, Drupal is open-source software. Drupal is generally seen as a more secure content management system. Each system carries its own advantages and disadvantages. To translate a Drupal website, it is advisable to deliver the texts in a separate text document and to enter them manually. Drupal does feature import functions/feeds, though implementation and testing costs a good deal of time.

WordPress translation, simple and efficient

While WordPress was originally seen as blogging software, it has grown into a popular CMS for corporate websites. With the rise of WooCommerce, online stores are also quickly launched within WordPress. Translation of WordPress websites, themes or plugins is most efficient with .xml and .po files. You can have these translated directly via Fairlingo.

Joomla website translation

Our native translators are experienced with the translation of Joomla websites. Millions of websites utilise the Joomla content management system. Joomla offers convenient expansion and ease-of-use. Little technical knowledge is required to establish a website with relative ease. External developers have launched various extensions to facilitate a multilingual website. The most popular extension for translations is FaLang. This extension is maintained regularly and offers a user-friendly interface for the management of multilingual content.

SEO translation by native speakers

A group's culture impacts how they are influenced by communication. Native translators are able to understand and decode your website's message as no other. Concrete examples of this communication are the meta titles and meta descriptions. With the right tone of voice and correct implementation of your search words, you can boost your click-through ratio.

Faster and better rates than any traditional website translation agency, without sacrificing quality

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