More room for talent and entrepreneurship.

Our organizational model is based on collective entrepreneurship. We rely on the ingenuity of the collective
allowing plenty of room for individual initiative. Our values and goals provide direction for this.
This contributes not only to satisfied customers, but also to the well-being of our employees and environment.


People closest to the customer make the best decisions in our eyes. At Fairlingo, everyone has the space and freedom to put their ideas and talents to use. This creates a greater sense of fulfillment, which benefits the ultimate results..

& transparency

At Fairlingo, we focus on the creation of value. Therefore, we do not work with fixed working hours and we offer the possibility to work from home. All (financial) data are transparent in order to think along and give each other feedback.

Profit sharing
& sustainability

Economic considerations are not paramount within our organization. To contribute to our mission and values, we use 10% of our profits to share collectively 10% for sustainability.

Our core values

Happiness and balance

Happiness and balance

Happy people!

We consider it vital that job satisfaction and providing added value to our customers go hand in hand. We give people room to be themselves and create harmony between independence and connection.

Commitment to customer and language


To language and the customer

A diverse team has many talents. Based on our capabilities, knowledge and (translation) experience, we are committed to exceeding our clients' expectations. By listening carefully, asking questions and being open to ideas, we achieve the best results together with our clients.



creates cooperation and freedom

Trust provides a strong foundation for cooperation, freedom and transparency. It creates space for feedback and the opportunity to learn from each other. Company information, including financial figures, is accessible to everyone. This transparency enables us to understand each other more clearly.

Sustainable growth

Sustainable growth

Individually and as a company

By focusing on developing talents, we encourage personal growth. Using these talents to help others gives a sense of fulfillment. As a company, we want to experience sustainable growth, focusing on the long term. This means that the growth of our business should not come at the expense of our values and customer satisfaction.

Our B Corp Certification

We think the B corp movement is a perfect example of how globalization can positively contribute to the world .  For this reason, Fairlingo is a B Corp Translation agency. We are part of a fast-growing community striving for a global cultural shift to redefine success in business and create a more meaningful and sustainable economy. 

Sam van Gentevoort Teamcoach Fairlingo

Sam van Gentevoort
Teamcoach Fairlingo

"I believe organisations can be more impactful when they are in harmony with their environment and themselves. B Corp helps us reflect on this and take action where necessary."

What is a B Corp?

Companies with a B Corp certification show that they successfully combine social, commercial and sustainable purposes. Worldwide, there are more than 3,500 B Corps in over 70 countries. Examples of well-known B Corps include Patagonia, Ben & Jerry's, Dopper, Tony's Chocolonely and Triodos Bank.

We create international purpose
for these organisations


Does your organisation actively
contribute to a better world?

We would love to give you an international boost!


Our translation agency is keen to help organisations that actively contribute to a better world to create more international impact faster. Non-profit organisations and organisations that otherwise demonstrably contribute to social or ecological change will receive a standard 5% discount on our translation services. Contact us to see if your organisation qualifies.

Curious if your organisation is eligible for a 5% discount?