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Transparent way of working

We have developed the Fairlingo method by mapping out what organizations and individuals actually need. Our application is therefore built to be as transparent, fast and clear as possible for you. Upload your documents to our cloud and receive a customized quote within 30 seconds. During the translation process, you are in direct contact with our native Arabic translation specialist. Moreover, you can watch live how he or she is working for you. These functionalities give you the opportunity to pass on direct instructions or feedback. After your translator is ready, an experienced revisor will analyze the quality of your translations. This way, we guarantee that your Arabic translation is always of decent quality.

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Competitive rates & high quality

Through our application, you come into contact with Arabic language experts who know how a high-quality translation can be achieved better than anyone else. Moreover, we offer our services for competitive rates, without having to compromise on quality. Our smart software executes a large number of tasks automatically, so we can work for you more efficiently than ever before. You can call in a native Arabic specialist from €0.07 per word. We link your assignment with the most suitable person. For example, a sworn translator or a translator for web texts. We are also happy to assist you with complex translations such as medical reports, general conditions or technical manuals. We offer you a suitable solution for every level of translation.

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ISO certified with warranty

We guarantee the quality of your Arabic translation in various ways. First, we are the only translation agency that is both ISO-9001 and ISO-17100 certified. Our services and processes thus meet the officially determined quality standards. In addition, we apply a unique points and feedback system to the translations. In this way, we keep a close eye on whether our native translators only deliver high-quality translations. This means that your Arabic translation assignment is only translated by the best 20%. You are also always entitled to a 30-day warranty on the delivered work. So you got one month to adjust your translation free of charge. Translating simplifaired is our starting point.

Native translators for standard Arabic and local dialects

The Arabic language is one that is unique in different ways. The language has both a universal standard and many different local variations. Moreover, it has its own alphabet which is not understandable for many. That is why it is difficult for many Europeans to communicate well with this large population group. Our Arabic translators master the standard Arabic at native level. In addition, many of them have a local dialect, for example Levantine or Egyptian Arabic. This way, we offer you a language solution that best suits your own wishes and goals. Get to know this enormously rich language and reach more than 380 million people in an effective way.


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Our sworn Arabic translators are at your service

In addition to regular translators, we also officially employ certified Arabic translators. These specialists help you to translate official documents, while maintaining legality. In other words, these translations will have the same legal force as the original. This is not a matter of course with regular translations. Sworn translations are often required for emigration to or doing business in an Arab country. An organization or institution in that country may ask for official documents in their own language. Our sworn Arab specialists are at your service to provide you with legal certainty.

Our Arabic native translators work at a speed of 1,250 words per assignment per day, even on weekends.

Faster and better rates than any traditional Arabic translation agency, without sacrificing quality

Fairlingo is the only ISO-certified translation platform in the world



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