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We provide professional Chinese translations from and into Chinese. At Fairlingo, we translate standard Mandarin. With its vast collection of characters, the Chinese language is highly complex. These characters often hold multiple meanings. Chinese is among the very few languages where this is the case, which means it's a rather unique challenge as far as translation goes. The advantage of working with Fairlingo is that you are able to follow your translation live; should you wish to make an adjustment, simply contact your translator.

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As a Chinese translation agency, Fairlingo is ISO-9001 and ISO-17100 certified. This means that the translations meet the highest quality standards. As the translations conform to strict quality requirements, you can be confident that you will receive a translation of exceptionally high quality. We set and apply firm standards for our translated content.

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As it remains impossible to translate texts literally into Chinese, we employ native speakers with exceptional command of the Chinese language. Literal translation of Chinese content is made impossible by the fact that the Chinese language consists of characters rather than letters. Moreover, these characters can also hold various meanings. As a result, having a native speaker of Chinese carry out the translation is absolutely essential.

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