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Today, Danish is one of the less spoken languages ​​in Europe, with only 5.5 million native speakers. However, the language has had a great historical influence. As seafarers, the Danes have left their mark upon both English and Dutch. Moreover, the language belongs to the Germanic language group, just like German and Dutch. That is why Danish is more closely linked with our own language than we often think. This language is also closely linked to Swedish and Norwegian, and people who speak one of these 3 languages ​​can communicate with each other. For us Dutch folk, a little more effort is needed. Our native speakers make this fascinating language available to you.

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Our Danish translation services

Talented native-speaking Danish translators from different specialties can join us through our platform. You can be sure that your translation will be provided by someone who actually knows the relevant field. For example, think of effective web texts or catchy blog articles. We have several experts among us who are very familiar with online translations. The launch of a Danish website or app can therefore be realized within 30 seconds. Moreover, translators are available to help you with specialist or complex documents. This way, a medical report or employment contract can be translated into Danish as quickly and easily as possible. In short, our various translation services help you to receive effective Danish texts that contain the right specialist language.

Russisch vertaalbureau

ISO certified with native-speaking translators

As a Germanic language, Danish is more closely linked to us than we often think. However, the language barrier remains too big for the average Dutch person. That is why we only call in translators who speak the language at a native level. That's why you can be sure that your documents are in good hands. Our Danish specialists also know the culture as their own. In this way, they know better than anyone else how to provide correct and effective translations. In addition, we are both ISO-19001 and ISO-17100 certified. The quality of our translations, processes and services is therefore officially recognized. Upload your texts to our cloud and experience how we can simplify Danish translations for you.

Via our platform, you can call in a native Danish translator 24/7, even on weekends. With a speed of 1,250 words per assignment per day, you can quickly seize international opportunities.

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