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Fairlingo is the world's only certified translation platform. Our website is designed to make the translation process as simple and efficient as possible, with user-friendly tools and reliable delivery times. As a result, Fairlingo has already helped numerous companies within the tourism and leisure industry with their translations. Think of hotels, travel organisations and restaurants. Through our translation agency, you can start a translation assignment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Short and reliable delivery times

Did you know that at Fairlingo you can have up to 5,000 words translated per day? With a post-edit translation, you'll have your translation back in no time. At our regular and specialist translation level, we expect our translators to translate 1250 words per day. Do you need your translation faster? Request an urgent translation. Many companies within the tourism and leisure industry choose Fairlingo for our short delivery times, competitive prices and unique way of working.


Rates from €0.05 per word

Fairlingo translates content in the field of tourism and recreation on a daily basis. This includes translations of travel guides, brochures, flyers, accommodation information and websites. You can also come to us for other tourism and recreation translations. You can get a translation for as little as €0.05 per word. Our rates include full revision and quality guarantee at all times. Via your account, you can also check the status of your order anytime and anywhere.

Expert in translations for the tourism and leisure industry

Professional translations on tourism and leisure are essential to reach travellers and share unique experiences. Accurate translations of travel destinations, accommodations, and tourist attractions increase appeal to international visitors. Because our native translators understand the cultural nuances, you are assured that the message resonates and travellers can explore the destination with confidence. Our translations include:

  • travel guides
  • Hotel and accommodation info
  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • Websites
  • Menus
  • Travel conditions
  • Safety instructions
  • Advertising and promotional material
  • Etc.

Tourism translation

Tourism translations play a crucial role in attracting travellers worldwide. From travel guides and accommodation information to menus and websites, every translation contributes to establishing flawless communication with international visitors. Accurately translating cultural and practical details enhances the appeal of destinations and increases customer satisfaction. Professional tourism translators understand the nuances of the target language and ensure travellers feel welcome and can enjoy their trip with confidence. Effective tourism translations enhance the global travel experience and promotes positive relations between cultures. Our translations include:

Translation technology

Translation memory

Enable your translation memory and receive a discount on duplicate texts. You can enable your translation memory by contacting us. This translation memory will also keep track of previous translation assignment from which it will analyse the word repetitions as well.


To increase consistency in your translation, you can upload a termbase. Here you specify the words or texts for which you already have a desired translation. The translator will then see this translation as a suggestion and determine whether this word fits the context.

Live analysis

When generating a quote, an analysis of the number of word repetitions is done. These repetitions are then displayed as a discount on the quote. Contact us to enable your translation memory.

Our experienced native translators will be happy to handle your tourism and leisure translations


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Giovanni Piesco
Italian translator
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Nina Turk
English translator
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Paul Davoine
French translator
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Irene Paulmer-Boutista
Spanish translator

Which files can you submit to us?

You will always receive the translated file in the same file format as the source text.


.xml export files from WordPress can be uploaded directly to our system.


docx is the most commonly used document extension.


.txt files are plain text format documents that can be opened with standard text editors.


.csv and .xls files can be translated by Fairlingo while retaining the same formatting. Ideal for translating files that you want to import again quickly.


.po files are used by content management systems to recognise translations.

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Fairlingo is the only ISO-certified translation platform for tourism and leisure translations.