Our translation services 

Our translation agency carries out a wide range of translation assignments for both individuals and organisations within various sectors. On this page, you will find an overview of the translation services and specialisations in which we have extensive experience. Do you have questions or can we help you with something else? Please contact us. Go to our reference page for an impression of the organisations we have had the pleasure of translating for and for more information about their experiences with our platform.

Blog translation

Reach your target group with blog translations Our translators SEO trained language experts ISO 9001 & ISO 17100 specialists for 40+ languages Online translation projects Website /web store content Blogs / articles Social media campaigns Services Professional translations to 40+ languages Experience with digital translation projects Fitting translations for every culture

Book translation

A captivating literary translation with the same feel as the original Meet our native translators specialised in book translation  

Business & Finance

Our translation agency helps your company overcome language barriers Expert translations for business and finance content Our professional translations in business and finance ensure clear and precise communication for international business environments. With experienced native translators and in-depth industry knowledge, we offer high-quality translations for finance and business texts. Rely on us for efficient and […]

Contract translation

Have your contract translated by native experts Our translators Language experts for your translation Legally-trained language experts ISO 9001 & ISO 17100 certified Online translation projects Quote within 30 seconds Free test translation Monitor your translation  Services Professional translations in 40+ languages Experienced with digital translation processes Translations customized to compliment local culture

Document translation

Professional document translations, starting at €0.08 per word Our translators Professional experts for your documents Native speakers only ISO 9001 & ISO 17100 certified Online translation projects Every type of document .doc en .txt files Promotional material Services Professional translation to +40 languages Experience in all branches Translations adapted to the local culture


We help your e-commerce business with translating content quickly and accurately Expert in e-commerce translations Our translation agency is an expert in e-commerce texts. We understand that effective translations are crucial for online shops that want to do business globally. Our team of professional translators combines linguistic skills with in-depth knowledge of the e-commerce industry. […]

Financial translation

Have your financial documents translated with our simplifaired approach “Fairlingo offers the best value for money on the market by far. Highly recommended!” Mieszko Czyzyk Marketing Director

Food & Health

Our translation agency is your partner for translations on food and health Professional translations on food and health Translation agency Fairlingo specialises in professional translations on food and health. They promote the exchange of crucial information, including nutritional guidelines and medical knowledge, giving health professionals worldwide access to relevant information. Our accurate translations help bridge […]

IT & Internet

Specialist in translations for the IT and Internet sector Specialist in translation of IT and internet texts Fairlingo is experienced in translating texts for the IT and internet sector. Many companies know to turn to Fairlingo for this. We translate software programmes, manuals, apps, websites, web shops and much more on a daily basis. Fairlingo […]

Legal translation

For many law firms, notaries and companies, Fairlingo is the regular address for a professional legal translation. Through our platform you have access to experienced translators with extensive knowledge of the legal field.

Manufacturing & Construction

Our translation agency helps your business push boundaries Specialist in translating for manufacturing and construction companies Many manufacturing and construction companies have already experienced Fairlingo's translation services. We work with passionate translators who love nothing more than to make customers happy with the translations they make. You can come to us for the translation of […]

Marketing translation

Your professional marketing translation Faster and better rates than any traditional marketing translation agency, without sacrificing quality Fairlingo is the only ISO-certified translation platform in the world    

Medical translation

An accurate medical translation by experienced translators Our translators Specialized native speakers Experienced language experts ISO 9001 & ISO 17100 certified Linguists for +40 languages Online translation projects Product descriptions Medicine instructions Scientific articles Medical reports Services Professional translations Experience with digital formats Translations adapted to the local culture


Are you looking for the best price-quality ratio for your translation? You combine the best of both worlds with post-edit. The text is initially translated using advanced translation technology. The text is then revised by an experienced native speaker. You pay just €0.05 per word.

Professional translation

A professional translation in any language. Always the right translation. Professional ISO-certified translations by native speakers. Engage a native translators in your field or industry. Because native speakers know the language and culture, you always get the best translation. An appealing and secure output is required for professional translations; a poor translation can have negative […]

Sworn translation

With our translation platform, you can have a sworn translation done easier and faster than at any other translation agency. Our recognized sworn translators will ship your translated document by registered post. Assure yourself of cross-lingual legal security without loss of time.

Technical translation

 technical translations simplifaired for you Faster and better rates than any traditional technical translation agency, without sacrificing quality Fairlingo is the only ISO-certified translation platform in the world    

Terms and conditions translation

Your documents correctly translated with our simplifaired approach “Fairlingo offers the best value for money on the market by far. Highly recommended!” Mieszko Czyzyk Marketing Director

Tourism & Leisure

The translation platform for tourism and leisure content Expert in translations for the tourism and leisure industry Professional translations on tourism and leisure are essential to reach travellers and share unique experiences. Accurate translations of travel destinations, accommodations, and tourist attractions increase appeal to international visitors. Because our native translators understand the cultural nuances, you […]

Translation API

The benefits of a collaboration ISO-certified translations in the cloud, directly to every system. Fairlingo developed a powerful API that's already led to successful links with online store software partners such as LightSpeed and CCV Shop. With the translation API, you can utilize all of the translation services offered by Fairlingo and directly link them […]

Translation revision

If you have commissioned a translation yourself, internally or by a freelancer, it is wise to have the translated text checked by a professional translator. With Fairlingo, you can directly engage an experienced proofreader to carry out an expert quality check.

Transport & Logistics

Our translation agency helps overcome language barriers Specialised in translations for transport and logistics We have performed translations for both the government and companies that transport goods by land, air and water. These parties from the transport and logistics sector choose Fairlingo because of the attractive price and good quality of the translations. Our translators […]

Webshop translation

Webshop translation. have an online presence. With Fairlingo it is possible to have the source files of your webshop translated, ultimately you will receive translated source files back in the same format. Webshop translations with Fairlingo are ISO 9001 certified from €0.08. Common file formats for translating websites are .xml, .po and .doc. You can upload […]

Website translation

Have your website translated by one of our experienced SEO translators. Focused on traffic & conversion.  ISO certified website translations by native speakers. Native speakers understand a translation's impact of the conversion and usability of your website or software. A strong website translation positively influences your digital visibility and findability. “Fairlingo offers the best value […]

Website word counter

Count the words on your website, quick and effortless Meet our native speaking translators