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Experience with technical translations

You can contact us for a technical translation made by native speakers in dozens of languages. This means that the text is substantive and always uses the right tone. Whether it is a brochure, user manual, press release or manual. And our unique algorithm always ensures that the most suitable translator gets to work for you. At Fairlingo, you can always check the quality yourself. Do you want to have a technical text translated, but do you want to have even more certainty about the end result? Then you can have us make a free test translation for you.

Technisch vertalen

Transparent translation process

A technical translation often requires some prior knowledge, even if the translator understands technical matters. That is why you can always add extra information to us when uploading a source text to the cloud. And then you can follow the entire translation process of the technical text, because both the source text and the technical translation are stored in the cloud. And because you always receive a customized quote beforehand, you will never be confronted with surprises afterwards. Altogether, you can contact us for more than forty languages.

Technisch vertalen

Always translators available

Because we work with a database of thousands of freelance translators, your assignment can always be accepted quickly. In addition, we always have a translator available who, due to prior knowledge and experience, is very suitable for translating a technical text. And if you want to translate a technical text into multiple languages, that is possible too. Add to this the fact that you remain in contact with the translator during the entire translation process and the quality is guaranteed. Of course, not only do our native speakers contribute to this, our certifications such as ISO-9001 and ISO-17100 also ensure optimal results.

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