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Russische vertaling

Knowledge of the Russian language and culture

Russian is a fascinating language spoken by over 160 million people around the world. For many countries in Eastern Europe and Asia, it is the main language for international communication. Outside of Russia, many speakers can be found in countries like Kazakhstan, Ukraine and the Baltic states. In short, Russian takes on a similar role in those regions like English does for us. Moreover, as a Slavic language with a Cyrillic alphabet, it is a lot less accessible to us. A high-quality Russian translation is therefore essential to reach this corner of the world.

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Our Russian translation services

Thanks to our smart system, we assign the most suitable Russian translator to your texts. We look at what level of expertise and what specialization is needed. In doing so, we offer translations for general, specialized and complex documents. Determine what level you need to have your texts translated correctly. General texts include various online and offline translations like website texts, manuals and blogs. The specialist level is intended for documents such as technical descriptions and general terms and conditions. With the highest level, you call in a translator who has in-depth knowledge of the domain in question, and is most suitable for complex contracts and medical translations.

Russisch vertaalbureau

Native speakers & ISO certified

The Russian language, culture and the Cyrillic alphabet are unknown to most of us. That is why we only call in translators who have mastered Russian at the level of a native speaker. These specialists, in addition to grammatically correct translations, also ensure that the nuances of Russian culture are taken into account. By using real experts, we deliver fast and high-quality translations. Moreover, we are both ISO-9001 and ISO-17100 certified. Our services and processes have a recognized quality. Upload your files to our cloud and experience our simplifaired translations.

Our native-speaking translators work at a speed of 1,250 words per assignment per day. From €0.05 per word, you can start a Russian translation, even on weekends.

Translate to Russian faster and cheaper while retaining quality.

Fairlingo is the only ISO certified Russian translation platform in the world.



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