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ISO-certified translations in the cloud, directly to every system. Fairlingo developed a powerful API that's already led to successful links with online store software partners such as LightSpeed and CCV Shop.

With the translation API, you can utilize all of the translation services offered by Fairlingo and directly link them to a system, plug-in or other feature.

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Translation API

API documentation for developers provides step-by-step instructions for the implementation of the various integrations in order to form an optimal link with your system.

The API documentation

To link Fairlingo's API to your system, some technical implementations are required. Fairlingo offers all of the technical support needed to profit from the existing features within our system.

The corresponding documentation can be used as a guide by developers when linking the API. The documentation is recorded within Swagger UI's API framework. Swagger UI.

View the API documentation for developers

"Lightspeed happily collaborates with Fairlingo to give our customers the possibility to translate their content with internalization in mind."

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Faster and better rates than any traditional translation agency, without sacrificing quality

Fairlingo is the only ISO-certified translation platform for translation APIs



Already the largest translation agency
for translation APIs

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