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Where French is spoken 

French is one of the many official languages in the EU and one of the Romance languages (together with Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and Romanian). In global terms, the French language is thoroughly represented with more than 77 million French-speaking individuals. French is an official language in France, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada and 25 other countries.

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A transparent translation process

French translations are processed quickly and efficiently in our system. You can upload your source text into the system. Fairlingo supports .txt, .po, .docx and .xml files. These file types are perfect for standard text files and online content. After uploading the text, you will directly receive a quote for your French translation. You can then add credits to your account with ease via iDeal or PayPal. After adding credits to your account, your French translation can be initiated directly. Following completion of your French translation, you will be 100% satisfied with the services provided by our native French speakers.

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Translations in the Cloud

If the translation of your text requires specific knowledge, it is convenient to monitor or guide the translation during the early stages. This allows you to provide the native speaker with the right tools to provide excellent and accurate translation. Our translations are processed in the cloud, where both the source text and the translation can be viewed. You will receive an email upon completion of the translation; the only thing left to do is download the text and invoice. Using native speakers, Fairlingo is able to preserve the translation’s specific tone of voice. Our French translation agency is also ISO certified.

Differences between Dutch, English and French

Some French expressions vary greatly compared to their Dutch or English counterparts. Moreover, a French translation is often longer than the original text. A translation from English into French can result in a 15% to 20% increase in text length. Some languages require more (or longer) words to maintain the same message. This is referred to as text expansion. Receive a quote for your French translation within 30 seconds.

A French translation with the right feel

When selecting a French translation agency, it is important to note the context of the translation. The average Frenchman is sensitive to the particular way in which a French text is composed. By working exclusively with professional native speakers, the correct tone of voice is preserved in the translation. Based on a unique algorithm, our system automatically selects the professional French translator best suited to your text.

We handle your documents with the utmost of care

When you choose to work with Fairlingo, your original or translated document(s) will never be shared with third parties. This also applies to supplementary information. All information sent and received via Fairlingo is transferred via a secure connection.

Faster and better rates than any traditional French translation agency, without sacrificing quality

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