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If you Google a translation agency, the search results will be endless. We understand perfectly that this might not help you make the right choice. After all, each translation agency claims to be “the best translation agency”. To make things easier on you, in this blog we will be comparing our very own translation platform to five distinguished, international alternatives. Obviously criteria like price-quality ratio, real reviews, reply speed, crystal-clear communication and customer-orientation are not easy to verify. Which is why we don't deal with those in this blog. Other criteria our clients care about, however, can be compared. In this blog, we will be looking at seven parties based on three important aspects: price, app and ISO certification.

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Gengo versus Fairlingo

Gengo (a translation platform based in the US and Japan) is reasonably similar to Fairlingo. But the main difference is this: unlike us, Gengo is not ISO certified. This platform does, however, come with a convenient app, allowing clients to easily upload those documents they need to translate. This app also allows you to communicate directly with the translator. Just like with Fairlingo, you can follow your translation live. Apart from that, Gengo’s app is considerably less extensive than the app provided by Fairlingo. Gengo offers both small and large translations, however in practice, it mainly focuses on large translation projects. Gengo’s clients come from different industries, including media, business, publishing houses and retail. That means they are familiar with different markets, but that is reflected in the price: both Gengo’s medium rates and their highest rates exceed those charged by Fairlingo.


Lingohub versus Fairlingo

Lingohub is a translation management system and to use it you have to pay on a monthly basis. In other words: Lingohub comes with a subscription, instead of payments on the go. This has pros and cons. The system provides many useful tools, translations being only one of them. This means you could be charged every month for services you don’t even need. Also, actual translations offered by Lingohub are more expensive (starting at € 0.15 per word) compared to Fairlingo. Finally, Lingohub does not come with an app or an ISO certificate. versus Fairlingo serves clients all over the world – including young innovative start-ups and large international firms in different industries. It is also one of the few Google partners for Google ads translations. Of course this is a good thing, but this translation platform is much more expensive compared to Fairlingo. Your document will only be translated by a person (a native speaker) starting at € 0.10 a word – our prices start at € 0.06 Just like Lingohub, offers a number of tools and fields of expertise too, but again: when you do not need those tools, is simply overpriced. In addition, there is no app available, and the organization is not ISO certified.


Onehourtranslation versus Fairlingo

Just like Gengo, Onehourtranslation is also similar to Fairlingo when it comes to working methods. Fairlingo has over 16,000 native translators compared to over the 25,000 Onehourtranslation can call on. But where Fairlingo has a very extensive app, Onehourtranslation only provides a very limited app that does not allow you to follow your translation project live. What’s more, rates charged by Onehourtranslation are much higher compared to ours. The regular rate is € 0.08, the expert rate being € 0.14. Our rates are € 0.07 and € 0.11 respectively. Onehourtranslation is also not ISO certified.


Textmaster versus Fairlingo

Price-wise, Textmaster is very similar to Fairlingo. Also this platform – the only platform in this comparison – is ISO certified. But… with two ISO certificates, we do outperform them. In fact, there is another major difference: Textmaster does not have a convenient app, which means you cannot initiate your translation assignments directly. With Textmaster, your translation projects will be in the hands of the project manager, which means proceeding autonomously (like you can do at Fairlingo) is not an option.


Will you choose Fairlingo?

We do our utmost to be THE translation agency for you, and based on our comparison, we could safely say we are the lucky winner. But whether we really are the winner....that is for you to decide. Why not order your free test translation on our website today!


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