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Internet translation

Extensive experience in IT translations

Because information technology (IT) is practically everywhere today and its importance is only increasing worldwide, there is an increasing demand from the industry for high-quality translations. Fairlingo therefore has an extensive database of clients within this sector. Our experienced translators know the specific terms within this domain. Because we also work with innovative translation technologies ourselves, we offer translations of the highest quality combined with a fast and efficient translation process. All our assignments include a quality guarantee.

Online translation agency

Quick, simple and efficient

IT is also an important part of our own services. Our translation agency has developed a unique online translation platform, making our translation process quicker, more transparent and more efficient. By uploading your files or urls, you will receive a competitive quote in no time. You can also add specific instructions or your own termbase. You can start an assignment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. After confirmation, the best translator and proofreader for your assignment are selected automatically. Via your Fairlingo account, you can monitor your translation and view your details.

Translation agency IT

IT translation at the best price

By using our in-house developed translation platform and smart translation technology, such as translation memory and termbases, we can keep our rates low. For example, you can have us carry out a post-edit translation for as little as € 0.05 per word. Do you need a specialised translator with extensive knowledge of the IT domain? Then choose our specialist level for € 0.13 per word. For texts where no specific knowledge of the domain is desired, our regular translation service (€ 0.08 per word) is suitable. For more information on our levels, see our rates page. If you have a question or would like advice, one of our project managers will be happy to assist you.

Specialist in translation of IT and internet texts

Fairlingo is experienced in translating texts for the IT and internet sector. Many companies know to turn to Fairlingo for this. We translate software programmes, manuals, apps, websites, web shops and much more on a daily basis. Fairlingo works with many experienced subject specialists who love nothing more than to find the right words that best suit your translation. Texts we often see coming through are:

  • Website design
  • Webshop vertaling
  • Clothing
  • Product descriptions
  • Apps
  • Social media content
  • Features
  • etc.

Always an experienced translator
for your IT and internet translation


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Giovanni Piesco
Italian translator
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Nina Turk
English translator
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Paul Davoine
French translator
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Irene Paulmer-Boutista
Spanish translator

Which files can you submit to us?

You will always receive the translated file in the same file format as uploaded.


.xml export files from WordPress can be uploaded directly to our system.


.docx is the most commonly used document extension by word processors like Microsoft Word.


.txt files are plain text format documents that can be opened with standard text editors.


.csv and .xls files can be translated by Fairlingo while retaining the same formatting. Ideal for translating files that you want to import again quickly.


.po files are used by content management systems to recognise translations.

Step 1

upload je document

Upload your document

Step 2

Monitor your translation

Step 3

Receive your translation

Translation technology

Translation memory

Do you have texts translated more often or do your files contain a lot of duplicate texts? Enable your own translation memory. This saves time and costs and increases the consistency of your translations. Contact us to enable your translation memory.


If you have predetermined translations for your texts, add a termbase to your account. The translations included in this list are then shown to the translator as suggestions. This way, you can be sure that the translation is to your liking.

Live analysis

If you have had your translation memory enabled, you will immediately notice this when requesting a quote. Word repetitions and previously translated texts are analysed and displayed as a discount on the quote.

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Frequently Asked Questions

At Fairlingo, we apply three rates. Which rate best suits the texts you want translated depends on the content and your wishes regarding the translation. You can request a post-edit translation for as little as €0.05, a regular translation for €0.08 and a specialist translation for €0.13. Calculate the price here.
The big advantage of Fairlingo is that you can upload a translation job 24/7 without the intervention of a project manager. Even in the evenings and on weekends you can place assignments. You can calculate the estimated delivery time by requesting a quote. The duration depends on the number of words in the text you want to have translated and the translation level you choose.
Yes, all translators are native speakers. This is a requirement to have ISO certification. In our selection procedure, we strictly monitor this.
Yes. Fairlingo is a certified translation platform. This means that translations at all three of our translation levels are certified. The certification ensures that our translators must meet strict quality requirements. This way,  we can ensure the best results.
Yes. Translators greatly benefit from knowing more about the purpose of the translation. So you can include extra information about the target audience, tone of voice, SEO or upload a glossary. You can add this information at step 3 of the quote request. Our translators will be notified of this and will take it into account when they start working on the translation.
Yes. This option is displayed when you request a quote (for one language combination) consisting of several documents. You can select that you prefer one translator for all documents. This choice ensures consistency in the translations. Automatically, one reviser is then also connected to all assignments.

Get your IT and internet documents in multiple languages quicker and more cost-efficientlyr

Fairlingo is the only ISO-certified translation platform for IT and internet translations.