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With Fairlingo it is possible to have the source files of your webshop translated, ultimately you will receive translated source files back in the same format. Webshop translations with Fairlingo are ISO 9001 certified from €0.08. Common file formats for translating websites are .xml, .po and .doc. You can upload these files directly to Fairlingo.

Our translators

  • SEO trained language experts
  • ISO 9001 & ISO 17100
  • Translators for every country

Online translation projects

  • Webshop content
  • Blogs
  • Social media campaign


  • Professional translations in 40+ languages
  • Experience with digital projects
  • Localisation of your webshop

“Fairlingo offers the best value of money in the market. Highly recommended!”

Mieszko Czyzyk
Marketing Director

Complete webshop translation

For your webshop's SEO strategy, it is crucial to be findable on the right keywords. The category pages of a webshop lend themselves perfectly to this. By using the resources of SEOMoz, for example, you can ensure that your page meets some of the requirements to rank in Google. You might use these optimised pages as specific landing pages for your Google Adwords campaign. You don't want to lose this optimisation when having your webshop translated, see also our guest blog at WebwinkelKeur on translating webshops.