What do we offer translators?


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You receive order requests via email and you can accept them as you see fit. You can easily activate the requests by email. You can create the account without obligation and delete it immediately if so desired
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Translate together

Thanks to our unique process, the translator and revisor work together on the translation in the cloud. The revisor checks the translation and gives feedback to the translator. That way, we keep each other sharp and translators can learn from each other.
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Smart technology

Fairlingo is a unique translation platform developed from 10 years of experience as a translation agency. This experience is combined with the latest techniques and progressive ideas. Because of the applied innovation, it is even supported by the EU through an MIT subsidy.

What we offer you

At Fairlingo, both experienced and new translators have the opportunity to translate. The amount of money you will earn depends on the level of translation and your experience.
You will be paid through PayPal.
€ 0.015
per word exclusive of VAT
Wat kost een vertaling
25 points


per revised word: €0.015

With our post-editing assignments, the text is machine-translated first. As a translator, you only have to revise the translation. The rate is € 0.015 per revised word, and you will be paid through PayPal.

€ 0.03
per word exclusive of VAT
Tarieven vertalen
35 points


per translated word €0.03
per revised word: €0.01

You are a (starting) translator and the target language is your mother tongue. We offer you € 0.03 per translated word and € 0.01 per revised word. You will be paid through PayPal.

€ 0.06
per word exclusive of VAT
55 points


per translated word: €0.06
per revised word: €0.011

With demonstrable professional translation experience, you can start at this level. You will earn € 0.06 per translated word and € 0.011 per revised word. You will be paid through PayPal.

Sworn translations
For sworn translations you will earn € 45 per translated page plus € 8.80 registered mail compensation per translation. For more information, please visit this page.

How it works


Start today

Easy registration without obligations via our website. If you have professional translation experience, you can start at a higher level by uploading your qualifications.

Translate a text

You receive order requests via email and you translate directly in our system. You can translate or revise a text. Read more about the how this works in our online manual.
keep growing

Keep growing

The better you become, the more complex assignments you get. You get paid more for complex translations. Read more about it in our online manual.

Register yourself and work together with your colleagues in a unique community



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Nina Turk
English translator
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Paul Davoine
French translator
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Irene Paulmer-Boutista
Spanish translator
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Giovanni Piesco
Italian translator

Because translating
can be simpler and more
affordable without
sacrificing quality.



Clients give Fairlingo an average score of 9.4/10

98% of our customers recommend Fairlingo

What your future colleagues say

Christian Näckel | Marketing manager

"Words connect worlds and create bridges between cultures - Together we aim to overcome barriers and get closer to each other !"

Vera Nijkamp | Community manager

‘Fairlingo is a unique platform with a fantastic community. A project I'm proud to be part of!'

As a community manager, Vera assists clients and translators with enquiries. She also takes care of the recruitment and selection of translators and contributes to the optimization of the translator platform interface.

Wouter Nijland | Community manager

'By keeping close contact with the client and translator, we provide a smooth translation process'

In his role as community manager, Wouter is the link between our customers and translators. Thanks to his organisational skills and customer-oriented attitude, he ensures the users of our platform are satisfied. By being in close contact with our customers and translators, he also contributes to a streamlined translation process.

Sam van Gentevoort | Community manager

‘We harnessed more than 10 years of experience as a translation agency and translated it into Fairlingo'

Sam serves as community manager and contributes to Fairlingo developments. Combining client contact with platform development allows us to apply the best solutions.

Wouter Wessendorp | Web developer

‘We created Fairlingo by utilizing the latest software developments'

Wouter is our web developer and has proven himself as a true code guru. Thanks to his input, we were able to successfully develop our code and advanced algorithms

Sven Schiff | Inhouse language expert

‘Improving translations is a true learning experience'

Sven is our in-house language expert and ensures a high level of translation quality. His critical and analytical eye keeps our translators sharp. He also contributes to the optimization of the translation process.

Anthony Mansour | French translator

‘Thanks to my own multicultural background, becoming a translator was a logical step'

Anthony is a French translator who is also fluent in Arabic. With his engineering background, he was able to specialise in technical translations. He also has a knack for travel-oriented translations.

Anel Zhuaspayeva | Russian translator

‘An individual's vocabulary determines the horizon of his or her thoughts'

Anel was born and raised in Kazakh and was brought up with both Russian and Kazakh as her mother tongue. She has also invested in her English language fluency. Thanks to her vast experience, she is an eminent translator in various fields.

Giovanni Pesco | Italian translator

‘The Italian language contains many unique expressions which present an interesting challenge’

Giovanni was born and raised in Italy, but has gathered a wealth of worldly knowledge including specialization in the English, Japanese and Tibetan languages. He is also an expert in the translation of literary works.

Peter Van der Linde | Dutch translator

‘Mastering multiple languages lends us the opportunity to shape the world around us’

Peter is a Dutch translator and an expert in the field of technical translations. He also travels the world as part-time musician, which has granted him excellent English fluency.