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Revision of translated text

If you have commissioned a translation yourself, internally or by a freelancer, it is wise to have the translated text checked by a professional translator. Via Fairlingo, you engage an experienced revisor who will carry out a quality check. This way, you can be sure that your translation is correct. When you use our translation agency to have a translation done, it is always revised by a second translator.

Translation revision

Swift and easily arranged

After you have uploaded the translated text, you will immediately receive a quote for the translation revision. Once the quote has been confirmed, one of our translators will start working for on the revision. He or she will take a critical look at the translated text and check it for any spelling and grammatical errors. In addition, the overall translation quality is improved where necessary. We revise 5,000 words per assignment, per day. As a result, you will quickly receive the corrected translation.

Proofread translation

Cost-effective revision

To have a translated text checked and revised, you pay the most competitive rate at Fairlingo. For € 0.04 per word, an experienced translator will carefully check your translation. He or she is a native speaker of target language at mother tongue level. This means that cultural nuances and regional differences are also taken into account in the translation revision. Would you like to have a text translated and revised by one of our expert translators? Take a look at our translation rates here.

Meet the translators who
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Giovanni Piesco
Italian translator
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Nina Turk
English translator
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Paul Davoine
French translator
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Irene Paulmer-Boutista
Spanish translator

Which files can I have revised?

You will always receive the revised file in the same uploaded file format.


.xml export files from WordPress can be uploaded directly to our system.


.docx is the most commonly used document extension by word processors like Microsoft Word.


.txt files are plain text format documents that can be opened with standard text editors.


.csv and .xls files can be translated by Fairlingo while retaining the same formatting. Ideal for translating files that you want to import again quickly.


.po files are used by content management systems to recognise translations.

Step 1

upload je document

Upload your document

Upload your file here and get an instant, no-obligation quote. You can have your text revised for as little as €0.04 per word!

Step 2

Monitor the revision

By logging in to the Fairlingo platform, you can track your revision job live. This way, you can keep a close eye on when you can expect the revised translation.

Step 3

Receive your revised translation

When the translator has finished revising your text, you will automatically receive an email with the revised translation. On the platform, you can also see which corrections the translator has applied.

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Veel gestelde vragen aan Fairlingo

Revising means that one translator, checks the work of another translator. A reviser critically checks the translated text for possible errors and compares it with the source text. Attention is paid to spelling and grammar.
The difference lies mainly in the source text. For a post-edit job, the source text is machine translated and for a revision, we only take translations where the source text has been translated by a person. Both types of jobs are then checked or, in other words, revised.
At Fairlingo, you can have your self (or someone else's) translated documents revised for €0.04 per word. You can choose to provide only the translation or the translation including the original source text. This allows the translator to better assess whether the translation is a good reflection of the original source text.
Our translators revise 2,500 words every 24 hours. If you have 2500 words or less to have revised, you will in all likelihood receive your translation back within a day. Anything over 2500 will take a day or longer. By requesting a quote, you will find out exactly how long it will take. The price and deadline are indicated on the quote.
It is not necessary, but does help in the final outcome of the revision. By having a source text, it becomes more clear how the translation is meant. A source file is therefore a useful document for the translator for reference.
You can. It is always helpful for a translator to create context. While requesting a quote, you can upload a source document if you have one in your possession. You can also add extra information that will help the translator understand what the text is about and what it is for.

Have your translated texts revised faster and more economically.

Fairlingo is the only ISO-certified translation platform in the world. Our working method and ISO quality requirements make our service ideally suited to having texts revised.