Simply and quickly start and follow a translation in the cloud

Live quotations can be requested within 30 seconds.

The translation can then be started immediately if desired. You can follow the translators live during the translation. Of course, only you and the translator can access the text and its data through the personal customer account. We use simple and transparent rates for each language and no minimum rate. There is always a project manager ready to help you further.


high quality and ISO certified

Fairlingo is the only ISO certified translation platform in the world.

We set high quality requirements for our translations. The translators are selected according to high quality standards. One of our 20% best native translators with experience in the field then translate your text. The text is then revised by another translator. Because the translator and revisor work in the cloud, we measure the quality of every translation job in an advanced way. We use the collected data to have the 20% best translators translate your text. In addition, the translators receive continuous feedback from each other to develop further. Due to the working method in the cloud, we measure the quality of every assignment live and if a translation does not meet the quality standards, another translator is called in without extra costs for you as a client. Because you can always follow the translation process live, you are assured that the text is well revised. In addition, a quality assurance applies to every translation.


Transparent and equal rates for each language

Transparent and more efficient by translating and revising in the cloud.

This makes us cheaper than any other certified translation service. We use the same rate for every language without a minimum rate. Unique. We are also transparent with regard to rates. Fair to clients and translators.