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With Fairlingo, you have the convenience of quickly and effortlessly engaging an experienced professional for your legal translation needs. Errors in legal documents can result in significant consequences, which is why we prioritize the strict quality assurance of our assignments. As the world's only ISO-9001 and ISO-17100 certified translation platform, we set demanding qualifications for our legal translators and subject each translation to a thorough revision by a second specialist. Additionally, our translators are always native speakers of the target language. Rest assured, our commitment to quality ensures that you receive an exceptional translation.

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Swift and efficient translation process

"For numerous law firms, notaries, and corporations, Fairlingo serves as the preferred destination for expert legal translations. Leveraging the streamlined functionality of our platform, you can swiftly obtain an immediate quote and engage a specialized translator. As a legal translation agency, we have substantial expertise in translating diverse legal documents, including contracts, terms and conditions, sales and rental agreements, notarial deeds, and privacy statements. We also offer sworn translations, with the completed work delivered directly to you by email and post, even during evenings and weekends."

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Cost-Efficient legal translation agency

Our translation platform has been engineered to streamline numerous routine tasks, saving you time and effort. Our  software generates a precise quote within 30 seconds and seamlessly pairs your legal translation project with the most suitable translator and proofreader. This process allows us to offer the most competitive rates in the market without compromising on translation quality. Our team of legal translators ensures that your translations are executed with precision and competence. Additionally, your data and documents are treated with the utmost security. Only you, our project manager, and the assigned translator have access to the documents, and a strict confidentiality agreement is enforced for every project.

Specialized Legal Translation Services

At our legal translation agency, we offer a wide range of legal translation services tailored to your specific needs. Our digital approach has enabled us to build an extensive network of legal language experts, each with their unique areas of expertise. Our team of translators consists of native speakers of the target language who possess a deep understanding of the legal terminology relevant to your document. We are equipped to assist you with the translation of a variety of documents, including but not limited to:

  • terms and conditions
  • Privacy and cookie policies
  • Contracts
  • Patents and trademarks
  • Terms of sale
  • Subpoenas
  • Legal correspondence
  • Residence permits
  • Birth certificates
  • Verdicts
  • Licenses

Legal translation or sworn translation?

When a legal translation requires legal validity, it must be performed by a sworn translator. Sworn translators are specialists who have been officially authorized by a court, granting them the capacity to convey the legal validity of a document in another language. This is not automatically conferred upon official documents, and the translation may not inherently possess the same legal validity as the original. Sworn translations are typically necessary for official documents such as , diplomas, marriage certificates, and inheritance statements.

How can you submit your legal document?

You will always receive the translated file in the same uploaded file format.


.xml export files from WordPress can be uploaded directly to our system.


.docx is the most commonly used document extension by word processors such as Microsoft Word.


.txt files are plain text formatted documents that can be opened with standard text editors.


.csv and .xls files can be translated by Fairlingo while maintaining the same formatting. Ideal for translating files that you want to quickly import again.


.po files are used by content management systems to recognize translations.

Translation Technology

Translation memory

Previously translated texts and word repetitions within a text are recognized by the translation memory. By activating this translation memory you ensure consistency in the translations and save costs on the quote. Contact us to activate your translation memory.


With legal texts, it is crucial that certain terms are translated correctly. Do you have specific requirements for the translation of certain terms? Then include this in your termbase. This will ensure a consistent translation of the legal text.

Live analysis

When creating a quotation, all word repetitions and previously translated texts are recognized. These duplicate texts are displayed as discounts on the quotation. Both the termbase and a previously built up translation memory can be uploaded via your customer account.

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