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Urgent translation

High-quality urgent translation

Do you quickly need a translation, but don't want to compromise on quality? Our translation agency works in the "cloud", allowing you to start a translation wherever and whenever you want. Due to our extensive database of translators, our system always automatically finds the most suitable specialist for your urgent translation. Besides speed, quality comes first. We only work with strictly selected native speaker translators. In addition, we have every job revised by a second translator. As a result, you receive the translated text quickly and we guarantee high quality.

Urgent translation

Quick due to our unique approach

Fairlingo is no ordinary translation agency. We are an ISO-certified translation platform that connects translators with clients. Our software finds a skilled translator with the right expertise to translate your text. It then automatically assigns a proofreader for the revision round. Because this relieves our project managers of required work, we are faster and cheaper than any other translation agency. You can have a translation job done in three simple steps. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Click here to read how it works.

Urgent translation

Choose your own deadline

Our rates are the same for every language combination. You can start a translation assignment from € 0.05 per word. The urgency rate is 25%. This price includes revision. When requesting the quote, you specify your desired deadline. Within an hour you will know whether a translator is available who can complete the translation on time. This way, you can be sure that you will receive your translation on time. Is no translator available within your desired deadline? Then you will always have the option to continue the urgent translation as a translation according to the standard delivery time. For questions or advice, please contact us or start an urgent translation right away.


Need an urgent translation? Our dedicated
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Giovanni Piesco
Italian translator
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Nina Turk
English translator
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Paul Davoine
French translator
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Irene Paulmer-Boutista
Spanish translator

What file formats do we accept for urgent translations?

You will always receive the translated text in the same format as the uploaded file.


.xml exportbestanden vanuit WordPress kunnen direct worden geupload naar ons systeem.


.txt bestanden zijn documenten met platte tekstopmaak die geopend kunnen worden met standaard tekstverwerkers.

.DOCX (Word)

.docx (Word) is de meest gebruikte document extensie door tekstverwerkers als Microsoft Word.


.csv en .xls bestanden kan je met behoud van dezelfde opmaak laten vertalen door Fairlingo. Ideaal voor het vertalen van bestanden die je weer snel wilt importeren.


.po bestanden worden gebruikt door content management systemen om vertalingen te herkennen.

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98% of our customers recommend Fairlingo

Over 10 years of experience in urgent translations

Fairlingo was developed out of Translation Agency Perfect. This makes us highly experienced in urgent translations. The result is the world's only ISO-certified translation platform.