Quality assurance

Certified translation agency Fairlingo provides a quality assurance on every translation. Because of this, you are always guaranteed a correct translation according to the briefing. If the translation does not comply, it can be changed free of charge up to 30 days after delivery. Via our quotation form, you can give the translator instructions concerning the terminology and tone-of-voice.

ISO-9001 & ISO-17100 certification

Fairlingo is ISO-9001 certified. Two of our three translation services are ISO-17100 certified as well. The ISO-9001 standard provides procedures that continuously increase customer satisfaction. One of the requirements is a quality policy that is observed in practice. The ISO-17100 standard imposes strict requirements on, among other things, the qualifications of the translators. For example, the translators need to have 5 years of translation experience or a diploma which has been earned through a recognized translation course. In addition, it is mandatory that every text is revised.

Our cheapest translation rate is ISO-9001 certified only. The only difference compared to ISO-17100 certified translation services is that the translators have not taken any translation courses. The translators and revisors are always native speakers. Every translation is always revised. And the algorithm safeguards translation quality. This makes our cheapest translation service suitable for high-quality translations of general texts. For complex translations, we recommend the two higher levels.

As a certified translation agency, we have translated our knowledge to this translation platform.



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