Step 1

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Upload your document

First, upload the files you want to have translated to our cloud. Our software will immediately calculate the amount of words present and mail you an accurate quotation.  A fixed price and deadline will automatically be given, based on the size and type of the uploaded files.

Step 2

Follow the translation LIVE

After confirming the quotation, the translation starts. A trained translator who went through a rigorous selection process will translate the text. Next, another native speaker will check the translation in our application. You can follow the translation process live, and we even offer a free test translation.

Step 3

Receive your translation

Your translation and invoice will be sent to you by email and can be directly downloaded from your account. You will always receive the translated document in the same format as the original. Moreover, we offer a guarantee of 30 days on all translations.

Translation technology

Translation memory

We can identify text that has been previously translated and duplicated. This improves translation consistency and avoids unnecessary costs. Previously translated text is stored in a translation memory. A translation memory is built and used in consultation with the client.


When specific translations are required, this can be established in a termbase. These translations will be presented to the translator. This improves the consistency of the translations and ensures that special requirements are properly applied..

Live analysis

During a quote request, an analysis of the number of duplicate texts is immediately provided and the discount calculated. You can upload a termbase and any previously established translation memory in your account.

Which file formats are supported by Fairlingo?

You always receive the translated file in the same file format you uploaded.


XML export files created by WordPress can be uploaded directly to our system.


TXT files are documents with plain text formatting that can be opened by all conventional word processors.

.DOCX (Word)

DOCX is by far the most common extension for word processors like Microsoft Word.


CSV and XLS files can be translated by Fairlingo while maintaining the same layout. Great for translating files you want to reimport afterwards.


PO files are used by content management systems to recognize translations.

Fairlingo can deliver 1,250 words per day per assignment, 7 days a week. No start-up time and no minimum rate.

Payment methods and translation credit

You can start a translation by accepting and paying a quote. If you have more texts to translate and you do not want to receive a separate invoice for every text, you can simply purchase translation credit from your account. This allows you to start several translation projects with a single payment and one invoice. You will always receive an invoice by email for every transaction to Fairlingo.

Because translation
can be simpler and more
affordable without
sacrificing quality.