Count the words on your website, fast and easy

Do you want your website to be counted based on your website address, and within only a few clicks? Go through the quotation process for a website request and the number of words on your website is automatically analyzed. You will also get an overview of all links and you can download a document with all the counted texts. After this, you can easily translate your website by uploading your documents to our cloud.



No need to count words yourself

Save time and money by not manually counting your website or outsourcing it to a traditional translation agency. Fairlingo gives you an indication of the number of words on your website based on your sitemap and page selection.

How it works

Counting via the sitemap

We offer an efficient translation solution for every system. Counting and translating a website is often a devious project within a traditional translation agency. By automatically letting Fairlingo count the number of words, you can use this time to be engaged in your core business.

Delivery time of the translation

Our translators translate 1250 words on a daily basis. It is possible to get more words translated per day. Please contact our project managers via Via Fairlingo, you can easily add translation credit to your account through iDeal, bank transfer or PayPal.

How it works

“ Fairlingo offers the best value for money on the market by far. Highly recommended!”

Mieszko Czyzyk
Marketing Director